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What Is Help Desk Automation? 6 Tools & Automation Ideas for 2023

For example, agents can give their undivided attention to upset or angry customers and try to compensate for a bad experience. Help desk automation can be defined as the process of automating your customer service process. Instead of relying on manual inputs and tasks, you can automate your workflows and achieve more in less time. Determine whether the ticket management system in place will meet the needs of your business’s help desk team. Endpoint and user aware tickets give help desk employees a broader view of a ticket they receive and quickly receive information needed to resolve the issue. Open-source help desk software is openly available and gives you access to the original source code.

  • It is time to choose a help desk system that’ll transform your entire support experience, and while we might be biased, our recommendation is Hiver.
  • Company, develops best practices, maintains ITIL, and administers the ITIL certification program.
  • This virtual agent provides fast and accurate answers to customer questions on any app, channel, desktop or mobile device.
  • CCNA can also help prepare technicians for jobs such as IT support specialist, network specialist and network engineer.

While many companies use the terms interchangeably, service desks tend to handle a wider array of IT support activities than help desks and provide a complete end-to-end service. Help desks are reserved for when “stuff hits the fan”—they’re designed to solve problems. The intricacies of a help desk vs. a service desk may seem nuanced, but experts agree that the two terms differ. The main differences lie in how they relate to users and the value they offer—and support reps should know them.


The main difference between a helpdesk and CRM is their objectives in the customer journey. Helpdesks are used to streamline communication between a brand and its customers to assist with product knowledge and other inquiries they may have about a brand’s policies. On the other hand, a CRM uses customer data to provide insight into customer behavior. help desk engineer In short, helpdesks maintain customer satisfaction while CRMs inform the behind-the-scenes processes of a brand, including its customer service. However, with today’s helpdesks, you can also achieve many of those same goals. Even better, it can give them a personalized answer and take action based on the request — like updating their shipping address.

In this blog, we will dwell on what helpdesk automation is and its various benefits for your business. Later, we will explore the six best help desk tools and automation ideas to help your customer service process run on autopilot. Help desks ultimately depend on the people who provide help to customers. While technical knowledge of supported products is important, a lack of knowledge can easily be supplanted with training and a good knowledge base for the product line. Help desks that provide internal technical support are critical for organizational effectiveness. A good help desk can boost productivity by resolving basic issues quickly, while escalating unusual and unique issues to the team or individual best qualified to resolve them.


This data is important because it assists you in keeping track of the effectiveness of every customer service employee in particular and the support team as a whole. By integrating with different communication channels, you can track this data, prioritize different channels, and spend more time on the ones that get you the most customer queries. You can integrate your LiveChat account with HelpDesk to easily turn real-time chats into manageable tickets that you can resolve when it's convenient for you. Reap the full potential of our product suite and get a big picture of your customer service workflow. If you’re still not quite sold on the value of helpdesk services, let’s take a look at some numbers.

  • Be approachable and give them an intuitive contact form provided by us that they can fill out in minutes.
  • Since open source software is typically free to use, businesses can significantly cut costs as compared to using proprietary systems.
  • It offers a range of features including ticket and user management, email integration, and ecommerce tools and channels.
  • You have to be patient with customers as they come to keep them calm and solve their pain points.
  • To create or optimize your help desk support team, make sure you have the right people to fill essential roles such as help desk admin, support manager, and support agent.

When everyone can access data in one place, it encourages teams to share information and collaborate. Simple but powerful, Faveo is another great helpdesk management system that will aid your team in staying on top of their customer support game. It comes with automation and SLA management features that help https://remotemode.net/ automate repetitive tasks and also allows you to seamlessly connect with all channels. There’s also a comprehensive knowledge base and FAQs, reducing the need for users to contact support. Service Level Agreements (SLAs) define the quality of services that will be provided to customers by a business.

Apple Certified Support Professional

Automating key tasks and processes will ensure that important tickets are never ignored, they are always routed to the right agents, and SLA violations are minimized. Enterprise help desk software is designed for large companies who need to provide help desk services for a large number of customers and employees. This software also typically includes advanced features that are needed in big organizations. Because of this, the software isn’t as simple to use and requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. In larger companies, a help desk may consist of a customer service team.

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Engineer Turned Author Lauren Neal Dives into the Deep End of DEI.

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