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The Best Sober Communities in the US Addiction Blog

Since 1998, we have produced compelling and informative content for numerous publications, establishing ourselves as a trusted resource for health and wellness information. We offer readers access to fresh health, medicine, science, and technology http://ishodniki.ru/art/os/vista/806.html developments and the latest in patient news, emphasizing how these developments affect our lives. ● If you can’t find one through your favorite search engine, look up and contact a recovery center to ask where you can find a sober group.

The organization recommends using its online tools in addition to face-to-face meetings. These online tools have been a substitute connection method for members during the COVID-19 pandemic. The plan is intended to provide practical tools to https://219news.com/useful-tips-for-choosing-a-drug-that-will-help-in-the-fight-against-alcohol-addiction.html address recovery head-on with a support system in place. It also provides scientific research on addiction and techniques to maintain sobriety. While online groups can make support more accessible, they’re not the best fit for everyone.

What Makes a Great Sober Community?

Once you’re matched with someone, the app offers a local listing of date spots that serve mocktails or places that are alcohol-free. The AA website offers a listing of alcohol support groups and https://discoverph.com/sauteed-pork-and-spinach/ meeting places in your area, as well as links to the local chapter’s website. Still, recovery from alcohol and substance use disorders is possible, especially if you have a good support system.

  • No matter where you look, you seem to see ads enticing you with the promise of how much more fun your life can be with a few drinks.
  • The program teaches 13 acceptance statements that encourage emotional and spiritual growth.
  • Sober support groups also organize events and activities that allow members to socialize and have fun without engaging in drugs or alcohol.
  • Hopefully, it is not as important to have alcohol present as it is to have the person in recovery able to attend.
  • Often, the Instagram account, run by Erin Shaw Street who is a seasoned media professional, criticizes other websites and media who are promoting alcohol in an unhealthy way.

Alcohol use disorder (AUD), formerly known as alcoholism, can have serious consequences, too. Excessive drinking is responsible for approximately 95,000 deaths a year in the United States. You can join in person classes and events across the country, participate in live-streamed classes, or view our on demand content library. That’s exactly where a community like LGBTteetotaler comes in. This group is particularly great for women who don’t want to hit rock bottom, because one of their guiding principles is all about early recovery.

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